We source and select fruit from premium vineyards that give us the structure and characteristics we desire in a wine. We are blessed with access to some of the best vineyards in Napa Valley and each of these vineyards has a story. 

 Photo courtesy of Jenny Doll

Photo courtesy of Jenny Doll

Beatty Ranch Vineyard | Howell Mountain | Napa Valley

We sourced our 2014 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon from Beatty Ranch, which presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One of the oldest and most historic vineyards on Howell Mountain, Beatty Ranch is located at 1800 feet elevation and incorporates dense and dry-farmed head-trained vines. The vineyard enjoys long days of warm sunshine that transition into cool nights, ensuring acidity even at higher levels of ripeness. Wines produced from Beatty Ranch express cassis, current, red plum, blackberry, olive, tobacco, with firm tannins typical of the Howell Mountain AVA. Our 2014 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, made from this historic vineyard, was awarded a Gold Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. We hope to have access to Beatty Ranch again one day and make an equally stunning and compelling wine. 



Broken Rock Vineyard | Napa Valley

Beginning with the 2015 vintage, our signature Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the renowned Broken Rock Vineyard. Located 800 feet above the Silverado Trail at the base of Atlas Peak near Soda Canyon, this steep, rocky, westward facing vineyard is densely planted, with 2,000 vines per acre, and is known for growing superb Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.  Broken Rock combines the great attributes of a hillside vineyard with the opulence typically found in the valley floor vineyards. It gets ample afternoon sun with sufficient night time cooling, producing grapes that balance intensity and power with elegance and voluptuousness. Wines from Broken Rock



Morgaen Lee Vineyard | Yountville | Napa Valley

Beginning with the 2017 vintage, we are introducing a Cabernet Franc from the highly-acclaimed Stagecoach Vineyard. Climbing between 900 and 1700 feet up the southern face of Pritchard Hill to Atlas Peak, this 800-acre vineyard was planted around enormous rocks and boulders atop the eastern hills of Napa Valley. Its rocky, rustic terrain and red volcanic soils force the vines to struggle, producing wines that are intensely colored, consistently bold, and amazingly age-worthy. Our Cabernet Franc block is from the Pritchard Hill region in one of the most sought-after Cab Franc sections—Block 1. This section is lower-yielding than most of the vineyard, producing wines of structure, red fruit, and elegance combined with soft berry layers, refined minerality, and earthy tones.

Our Future Plans

We are always searching for vineyards that have a special time and place as we look to expand Prothro Family Wines. We are excited with the potential access to two of the top 10 vineyards in Napa Valley. These vineyards will help us broaden our offerings with the introduction of a Cabernet Franc (Stagecoach) and a reserve proprietary blend, Heritage (Georges III). 

Stagecoach Vineyard | Napa Valley

For 2017, we are planning to produce a Cabernet Franc from the highly-acclaimed Stagecoach Vineyard. Stagecoach climbs between 900 and 1700 feet up the southern face of Pritchard Hill to Atlas Peak. The Cabernet Franc is from one of the most sought after sections and is low-yielding, giving wonderful aromatics and rich fruit. Cabernet Franc from this site is structured with red fruit and elegance, soft berry, and minerality with light herbaceous notes. We fell in love with this varietal from Stagecoach when we tasted a 2015 barrel sample (sorry…not our wine) and have been thinking about recreating it ever since. 

G3 Vineyard | Rutherford | Napa Valley

Beginning with the 2016 vintage, we are introducing a reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with grapes sourced from the G3 Vineyard. One of the most historic and sought-after properties in the world — G3, as we label it—was originally owned and planted in 1895 by Mrs. Thomas Rutherford. Georges de Latour, founder of Beaulieu, purchased the site in 1928. G3 then became the home to BV’s Rutherford Cabernets made by elite winemaker, Andre Tchelistcheff, throughout the ’60’s and ’70’s. In 1988, Beckstoffer Vineyards purchased the site and replanted it using modern clones, tighter spacing, and advanced trellising systems to yield optimum quality. G3 has since become the heart of Rutherford vineyards, producing elegant, rich, full bodied wines with black currant, cedar, cassis, black-licorice, and cherry with the dusty, earthy flavors that make up the Rutherford “dust.” Some of the most acclaimed Cabernet Savuignons produced in Napa Valley come from G3, and its legacy and heritage is beyond reproach.

Heringer Estate Vineyard | Clarksburg | California

Beginning with the 2017 vintage, we are introducing a Rosé based on Tempranillo and Grenache from the Heringer Estate in the Clarksburg AVA. The Heringer Estate Vineyards were originally planted in 1868 and are now managed by 6th generation family members. The Sacramento River Delta supplies nutrients to the clay and loam soils found in the area and pulls in fresh air from the San Francisco Bay, creating a moderate climate with little to no frost or fog. Warm summer days and cool breezy nights typify the Clarksburg AVA, which is renowned for long, dry growing season, creating a perfect combination for warm-weather grapes like Tempranillo and Grenache.